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 Workshop Vision Board

When Visualizing – Start by thinking of a happy memory, one filled with joy and happiness. Then switch your thoughts to your desire This will supercharge your desire with positive emotions. Emotions are a driving force in the manifestation process. 


I am delighted to offer a Vision Board Workshop, as I am located in Amsterdam, I will offer the workshop at my workspace. If desired I can come to your company, home or any other location. As the past years have been full of challenges for us all, this is the perfect time to reflect and set intentions with a powerful visualization activity, centered on the creation of a vision board.


This workshop is in the right moment, to help you to stand still for a moment and look back at the passing years and into the future. Focus on your wishes and desires, were do you want to go as a person, what do you want to achieve?


It will facilitate an opportunity for you to connect with yourself, offering a chance to look back at the past years, as well as setting positive aspirations for the future. It's a moment to truly focus on your wishes and desires as an individual, defining where you would like to go and what you would like to achieve.

A vision board will support you in realizing your deepest desires and dreams. A vision board is a collage composed of inspirational images, which represent your greatest wishes, or a visualization of what you would like your life to look like. Both the practice of creating a vision board, as well as consciously engaging with it, will provide a valuable aid in manifesting the life you're in search of.

Some of the subjects that it might include, could be: enjoying better health, finding a fulfilling job, moving to a new home, dealing with issues from the past, practicing better financial habits, starting your own business, or even, a whole new life mission.

I will guide you through each step of creating your vision board, so that you can find the stillness to align with what your heart desires, all in a safe and relaxing environment.

The Workshop includes:

* short introduction

* vegan or vegetarian lunch

* all materials: board, scissors, glue and magazines and images

* my guidance, tips & tricks

Please feel free to bring any images with you, which you feel might be relevant start the creative process.


If there is more need for guidance, you can book a coaching session with me, I can help you with your next steps.


“Get Happy about what is becoming” 

Abraham Hicks
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"Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does"


"It was a great experience, to do this workshop under the guidance of Judith, a beautiful day with a lovely group of women, Thank You, Judith !"

Marlies Janssens, Entrepeneur

“If you like being creative and want some help in manifesting your dreams and live the best life you can, you will love this workshop, in a quietly meditative way we created our vision boards""

Sally Jones Yoga Teacher

"Great vision board workshop ! Judith led us to a personal journey, I felt safe and inspired  by my vision board. The lunch was a lovely home made vegetarian soup, with own baked bread, Loved it !"

Helen Rossiter  Entrepreneur 

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