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Workshop Vision Board

Bijgewerkt op: 22 nov. 2021

Leaving 2021 with all its challenges and starting a new year, can be ingredients to visualize your Vision Board.

This workshop is in the right moment, to help you to stand still for a moment and look back at 2021 and into the future. Focus on your wishes and desires, were do you want to go as a person, what do you want to achieve?

This workshop will help you to find your deepest desires and dreams, a vision board is a collage from imagery with represent your wishes and desires, it wil visualize your life as it will be. It will help you to manifest your life. This could be f.e.: better health, another job, moving house, dealing with issues from the past, more money, starting your own business and maybe a whole new life mission.

I will guide your through the making of your Vision Board, so you can find out what your heart is telling you, all this in a relaxing and safe environment.

The Workshop includes:

* short introduction

* vegan or vegetarian lunch

* all materials: board, scissors, glue and magazines and images, you can take your own images with you

* my guidance, tips & tricks

Location Amsterdam; this Workshop is also optional for companies, adapting on the vision and mission. Or private groups, f.e. girlfriends, family at any location.

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